Beginners’ Courses

Due to circumstances beyond our control White Rose Archers are no longer holding beginner and have-a-go archery sessions.

In order to join our archery club, or any other G.N.A.S. affiliated archery club, would be archers need to complete a 12 hour beginners course.

The clubs listed at the end of this article are still holding beginners courses.

If you complete a course at any of these other clubs you will be able to join our club if you wish.

Our club joining fees are £65 a year for adults and £32.50 a year for juniors aged 10-18 years. There is also the G.N.A.S. insurance fee on top of this which is currently £53 for adults and £12.60 for juniors.

If you join our club you are able to rent all the equipment you need for £5 a month. We have recurve, compound, longbow and horse bows for rent.

The following archery clubs hold beginners courses:


PENNINE ARCHERS (Huddersfield)



The following shop in Burnley also holds beginners courses

Phoenix Archery shop (Mark) 01282 425967

In compliance with 2018 EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) any information collected via email will be held only by the course organiser on an encrypted storage device. All personal information, including email addresses, will be deleted at the end of the course.